Mobile Application Management

When talking about Mobile Device Management (MDM), the term Mobile Application Management (MAM) also needs to be explained. But MAM differs from MDM and should be seen as a different tool. If Mobile Device Management helps enterprises in controlling the devices, Mobile Application Management is needed to manage and secure the devices’ apps and their data.

Example: If an employee lost their mobile device, then the IT department could track the device using the MDM agent, and additionally encrypt its apps (or wipe it and its data completely, if necessary) with the help of MAM tool.

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Why Does Companies Need MAM?

MAM refers to the service and software used on mobile devices to manage the lifecycle of an app: starting from the installation, the update, the permissions management, and configuration, up to its removal and data wipe. With the BYOD Strategy in place and the increasing usage of mobile devices in the workplace, IT administrators must ensure that confidential corporate data are not only easily accessible in private devices but is also well-protected.

On the other hand, the employees are also worried that their company would impose on their personal data. These challenges can be difficult for the IT departments to overcome, especially when facing hundreds or thousands of devices and the requirement that they need to be able to manage all devices remotely.

Here, MAM tools can serve as a solution. This tool allows your IT administrators to work efficiently in managing the apps and protecting the enterprise’s data without having the devices on-site. Combined with MDM tools to control the devices, MAM can govern the devices’ apps by making sure that all apps comply with the corporates’ policies. Access to data (local or online) can also be controlled while leaving the personal data undisturbed.

The Features of MAM

Mobile Application Management offers enterprises some features such as:

  • App installation/deployment: from a public app store or enterprise app store
  • App block: block some apps to minimized risk of unauthorized app installation (may lead to security risk/productivity loss)
  • App deletion and data wipe: remote data management
  • App configuration and permission: setting up enterprise compliance policies and levels of access
  • App updating: to ensure that all apps are on the latest version, without user intervention
  • App monitoring, reporting, and tracking
  • App security for confidential info and data: data protection/restriction, data encryption, and data leakage prevention
  • User identification/authentication: Single Sign-On or password setup
  • Identification and separation between enterprise apps and private apps
  • Storage of electronic certificates
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Advantages of MAM

  • Reduced risk of data loss or theft: in case of lost or stolen devices, IT administrators can easily wipe or encrypt corporate data
  • Remote management: All mobile devices can be directly managed by remote
  • Swift one-time setup with zero user action
  • Greater control upon configuration: IT administrators can configure different settings for different user levels
  • Enterprise App Store: app catalog tailored for your enterprise

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