If we are talking about mobile devices used within a company, then we also must consider secure management and security aspects.  MDM solutions offer the capability for enterprises not only to manage but also to protect the devices and data in accordance with their security and compliance policies. In addition to the MAM, you must also consider where you want to host your MDM solution. GEMA not only supports you as a hosting provider with your mobility management, but we can also create the appropriate hosting strategy for you – whether on-premise or cloud hosting.

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What would be the fitting choice for my company?


On Premise Hosting

On-premise hosting offers you and your company a higher security and greater control for your data. An on-premise hosting solution means that you have your own datacenter and your MDM system is installed within your own servers. Your IT administrators are the ones who manage, secure, and maintain the server and its data, which means you must allocate plenty of internal resources. This hosting solutions is suitable for enterprises and organizations that handels sensitive data, such as government and finance institutions. However, the cost for on-premise hosting can be prohibitive, as your company must prepare, installation, and monitor all of the hardware and system setup, as well as the maintenance. If you have thousands of users and devices to manage, this means that your IT departments must be equipped with a significant amount of manpower.

Cloud Hosting

In contrast, the strategy of cloud hosting offers you more flexibility and scalability compared to on-premise hosting. Your enterprise does not need onsite installation, therefore it is easier and faster to deploy the services. And by outsourcing your services to high-performance data centers with high security standards, you can achieve exceptionally high reliability with this solution. With Managed Hosting, we as your hosting vendor can simplify the complexity, from the initial hosting setup to the maintenance, so you can focus more on the other important issues of your business instead.

The Cost Factor

The price for cloud hosting is less costly than the on-premise because there is no need to build your own server and datacenter, also you spend fewer resources. This also means that whenever your company needs to expand, cloud hosting can be the quickest solution because of the scalability. The security of your data is ensured by GEMA through a certified data center in Germany, which meets all GDPR/DSGVO requirements.

Choosing the Right Solutions

As a result, there are plenty of things to consider before deciding which hosting solution fits you and your company better. If your enterprise has a dedicated IT department for your system and your business deals with sensitive data and stringent regulations, on-premise hosting might be the perfect solution for you. However, if you decide to go for something more agile, flexible, and hassle-free, cloud-hosting would be the best option available. Still not sure with option would be the best for you and your business?


GEMA as your partner for Managed Mobility Services and Mobility Strategien can provide you with comprehensive advice and assist you in finding the best hosting strategy. Contact us now to arrange a consultation appointment!

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